The stairs are one of the most high traffic areas to clean in your home. It’s easy to neglect them. A regular vacuum cleaner typically doesn’t have the amp power, flexibility or proper tools to complete the job easily. Not to mention, it’s aggravating lugging a heavy vacuum up the stairs to suck up sand, dirt, pet hair, ground-in mud or any other debris from stairs that are carpeted.


Dyson DC65 Upright4.3$289.99

Shark Lift-Away4.6$199.99

Hoover Platinum Linx4.2$113.00

Eureka RapidClean4.3$53.45

BISSELL PowerGlide4.1$179.00

Finding the Ideal Vacuum for Your Stairs

There are several questions you need to ask yourself before buying a vacuum cleaner for your stairs. Does the vacuum have a detachable canister? Is it lightweight? Are there tools specially designed to clean around corners and crevices? Is the vacuum’s power cord, wand and hose long enough (should be at least three feet)to reach the upper section of the staircase? Is a cordless vacuum more suitable? Does the vacuum have enough suction power to effectively remove debris? Can it rotate at least 180 degrees? Does the vacuum come with a pet turbo brush? Does the vacuum come with a brush roll-on on/off feature? Will the vacuum’s attachments need to be changed? Is it suitable for general housecleaning?

Vacuum Cleaner Types

The type of vacuum you choose is equally important. Vacuum categories fall under canister, handheld, and upright. The upright models are the most difficult to use on stairs whereas the handheld models are the most handy. There are a few upright models that come with a detachable, portable canister. Other uprights come with attachments and long hoses so you have the ability to clean while the vacuum stays in one place.

If you feel like an upright vacuum is the best choice, select one that can be used to clean the whole house, especially floors and stairs which are typically your highest traffic areas. If you prefer to get a vacuum that offers convenience, a handheld vacuum is your best option. You can easily carry and clean your stairs with a handheld vacuum since it is lightweight and small, and generally comes at a reasonable price. The vacuums listed below have advanced, practical features that make cleaning the stairs a cinch!

Dyson DC65

Dyson DC65 Multi-Floor DC65

The Dyson DC65 is a top pick upright vacuum that weighs 22.9 pounds and features great versatility with its use. This model has a super long hose and telescopic wand along with a range of powerful attachments that make cleaning stairs extremely easy. If you especially struggle cleaning up pet hair from your stairs, the Dyson DC65 has a knot-free turbine tool which can effectively complete this task.

The vacuum also has a crevice/stair tool, as well as a plush brush to dust off non-carpeted steps. This model is also fitted with an active, self-adjusting base plate which creates the maximum contact possible with different floor types. This feature works to retain suction power by minimizing air leaks at the cleaner head. By far, the multi-floor model has the best pick-up capability out of any Dyson vacuum. Read our review

One happy consumer stated that she used this upright to clean her 2-inch piled carpets, and was amazed at the vacuum’s performance as it glided effortlessly across the surface pulling up all the dirt and hair as it went. It also did well cleaning and maneuvering over a very thick rug without the beaters getting tangled up. The secret of why the DC65 can handle cleaning thick carpets and rugs so well comes from its beaters’ bristles which are noticeably shorter compared to other rival vacuums.

Shark Lift-Away

Shark Lift-Away

There are many powerful features that come with the extremely maneuverable Shark Lift-Away which only weighs 14 pounds. One major buying perk is its dust containment system combined with a HEPA filter. The Lift-Away is highly recommended for consumers who want a multi-functional, 3-n-1 deep cleaning machine. It has a portable, lift-away canister and a 30-foot cord. Its power brush delivers excellent suction to lift up embedded dirt, hair, and other debris from your carpeted steps. Hard surfaces can be cleaned with a dust-away attachment. A handy crevice tool can be used if dirt and dust bunnies are gathering in hard-to-reach corners of your stairs. Better yet, this vacuum’s extra-large capacity dust cup allows you to vacuum longer without having to dump out debris. Moreover, the bare floor attachment comes with reusable microfiber dusting pads to make bare floor cleaning quick and easy. The Lift-Away also features an 8-inch crevice tool, dusting brush, and pet power brush that delivers versatile cleaning throughout the home, including the stairs. Read our review

Hoover Platinum

Hoover Platinum Linx

The Hoover Platinum is a lightweight, cordless stick vacuum with a sleek and ergonomic design. Its patented Wind Tunnel technology makes it an ideal cleaning appliance to maneuver to pull up stubborn debris from carpeted or non-carpeted stairs. Even the corners of steps can be cleaned effectively due to its edge cleaning bristles and wide cleaning head coverage so your steps can be free of debris in one swipe. In addition, this vacuum uses a 18V Lithium Ion battery which runs at full power while you’re cleaning. The Hoover Platinum fully charges within 3 hours and lasts about half an hour. Its brush roll can be turned on when gliding over carpet steps or turned off to cover bare stairs. Because this vacuum weighs only 10.5 pounds, it’s best to use it for light cleaning projects, such as picking up cat litter, removing lightweight debris from your stairs, or quick cleanups from hardwood floors.

Basically, the Linxs’ construction is very fragile. Anyone deciding to buy this appliance should not do so to take care of general or heavy-duty housecleaning. It appears that you can do small clean up jobs for 15 minutes or less. The vacuum is made of lightweight plastic and won’t be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear on its handle or when vacuuming around furniture legs or baseboards where it could get bumped easily. Read our review

Eureka RapidClean Step-41-A

Eureka RapidClean Step-41-A

The Eureka RapidClean Step weighs 4.8 pounds and is a handheld vacuum that is specifically designed for cleaning carpeted or non-carpeted stairs. Although small, the vacuum produces superior cleaning performance due to its 6 amp motor. It can pick up deeply embedded and surface debris and dirt in your carpets very quickly. The RapidClean has a bagless canister and comes with a washable and reusable filter so you can clean all your stairs and even the floors above in one sitting. One important thing that should be mentioned about this vacuum is that it should be exclusively used for 120V outlets. There’s no need to wait for the appliance to charge since it is equipped with a 25-foot cord and a 3-foot hose.

Unlike with many handhelds, the Eureka Rapid Clean gives you the option to switch the brush roll on or off. A bare floor brush is included in case you have all non-carpeted stairs. Moreover, soft easy wheels are designed to avoid nicks or scratches from damaging hardwood floors. It should be emphasized that this is a model that is best used for stairs, upholstery, and spot cleaning. The Rapid Clean has a very attractive, sturdy design and is good at picking up virtually anything. As long as you cut off tangled strings from the vacuum head’s bristles, it is relatively easy to maintain. The overall verdict on this unit is that it’s maneuverable, has cleaning bristles of sufficient length on the rotating bristle bar, and produces remarkable suction when pulling up debris into the cup. Read our review

Bissell Powerglide

Bissell PowerGlide

People who own animals will definitely need to look for a cleaning unit that effectively picks up pet hair. The Bissell PowerGlide weighs 10.8 pounds and is an affordable 2-in-1 upright pet vacuum. Its portable canister releases when you push the button which allows you to conveniently clean a flight of stairs. It also has a 27-foot cord, without the need to re-plug. Unlike with a cordless vacuum, you can clean your stairs whenever you need to without any downtime waiting for the vacuum’s battery to charge. The pet turbo brush is included to lift every bit of dirt, dust, allergens and pet hair found on carpeted stairs. This model also includes a crevice tool for cleaning the corners where dust tends to gather. The PowerGlide’s dual cyclonic action is so powerful that it lifts debris in one sweep. Best of all, this upright model is bagless.

If you own a two-story or three-story home and have been searching for a new vacuum cleaner, be sure to look for a vacuum that is capable of cleaning your entire home, not just bare or carpeted floors. The ideal vacuum cleaner for cleaning stairs should be of the type that is the most convenient for you to use with adequate features and suction power to clean up debris quickly on a weekly or even a daily basis. Reading customer reviews is also very helpful in making an informed decision as to which vacuum is the best for cleaning stairs. Read our review