Shark Rotator 1The Shark NV501 Rotator Professional features an outstandingly solid construction of a user-friendly design inclusive of a number of accessories assuring users of the capability to cater for all their different cleaning requirements. It is a three-in-one device, featuring a portable pod and an upright vacuum in addition to a particularly convenient canister significantly reducing the effort needed to clean your home effectively. This vacuum cleaner clearly outperforms the other high-end vacuum cleaners in the overall cleaning of carpeted floor surfaces, making it quite a reliable cleaning device to have especially for households that include pets and young children.



Cyclonic suction technology

This vacuum cleaner features the innovative and sophisticated cyclonic suction technology, which differentiates and separates dirt particles from the air, sucking these particles straight into the bin, effectively preventing any blockage of the filters. All this, in turn, ensures a continually strong suction power which allows for better performance during the entire cleaning process, hence the impressively comprehensive carpet cleaning capabilities of this vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner additionally features a variable suction power, which allows for the adjustment of the levels of suction force depending on your various cleaning needs.

Pivoting head

The Shark NV501 Rotator Professional features a pivoting head which offers advanced flexibility and maneuverability around furnishings and other obstacles in your house when using this device as an upright vacuum. It allows for an effortless swiveling through the mere turning of your wrist, maximizing you reach of floor areas.

Lift-away canister

The inclusion of a lightweight lift-away canister offers an additional convenience when cleaning hard to reach areas of your flooring surfaces and carpeted stairs, where the upright vacuum would prove problematic to arrive. This vacuum cleaner additionally features a roll over canister for the times you might be utilizing the attachments on the hose.

Motor-driven rotating brush

The motor-driven rotary brushes intensely penetrate the piles of carpeting to clean away the embedded dirt particles that we generally cannot see ensuring overall cleaner carpeting in your home in an efficient manner.

LED lights

The effective cleaning of debris and hair off your floor surfaces is greatly enhanced by the inclusion of LED lights on the upright vacuum, which especially come in handy when you are cleaning the darker areas of your floor surfaces such as underneath you furnishings.

Sealed HEPA filter

Among the most significant benefits offered by the Shark NV501 Rotator Professional is the inclusion of an extensively and completely sealed HEPA filter. This filter apart from catching allergens, dust, and even dirt particles from the air, also effectively retains all these and limit the possibilities of them blowing right back into the air in your home.


There are a few and isolated complaints about the development of squeaks on the plastic parts after usage of the Shark NV501 Rotator Professional over an extended period, and that when the hose of this vacuum cleaner is fully extended, it has a tendency of tipping over.

Final Verdict

The Shark NV501 Rotator Professional vacuum cleaner is loaded with attachments and accessories for just about every one of your cleaning needs and is additionally adjustable and flexible enough to get into the tighter spots of your home. With a pricing that is significantly lower than other vacuum cleaners, and offering arguably more performance in the cleaning of flooring surfaces, especially carpeted surfaces, this vacuum cleaner is ideal for people on a limited budget. Considering the price and overall performance, the Shark NV501 Rotator Professional makes for an excellent option and makes a great addition to your cleaning arsenal.