Shark Lift-AwayMany homes have a combination of bare floors and carpet. If you have children and pets, you probably do a lot of vacuuming. The Shark Navigator NV356E Lift-Away Professional is ready to tackle your vacuum chores on either surface. It is light-weight, portable, and features an impressive 30ft. power cord to easily reach all the rooms in your home. It one of the newest in the line of Shark Navigators, which provide zero suction loss and moves across the floor easily.


• Shark’s Zero Suction Loss Means Cleaner Floors

Some vacuum cleaners quickly loose suction and do a poor job on your floors. The Shark Navigator will not lose suction and will do an excellent sweeping job on both carpet and bare floors. Dust, debris, and pet hair air quickly sucked into the over-sized holding chamber. You do not have to worry about the sweeper blowing back on the floor or in the air like some vacuums do.

• Swiveling Sweeper Head For Easier Cleaning

Vacuuming floors is much like going through an obstacle course. Traditional vacuums often make going around furniture difficult, because the sweeper head is fixed. You often have the frustration of accidently banging your furniture and walls in effort to clean around certain areas. The Shark Navigator features a swiveling sweeper head that makes going around furniture and tight corners a breeze. The head swivels effortlessly and cleans where you need it.

• Over-Sized Canister Does Not Need Constant Emptying

When you vacuum with a machine that has a small canister, you constantly have to stop and empty it. It makes it seem like forever to get the job done. The Shark Navigator’s portable canister has a large capacity and can finish your sweeping chores before in needs emptying. It is easy to snap off and on again for easy cleaning.

Option Brushroll

There are times when you just want to lightly go over your bare floors without the brushroll. You have the option of turning the brush on or off with this model. Turn the brushroll on for thorough carpet cleaning and for heavier messes on your bare floors. The brushroll works well with different styles of carpet.

• Dust-Away™ attachment: You can have dust-free and shiny bare floors with this handy attachment. The pads are easy to attach and are reusable. There are also powerful attachment and extensions included to effectively clean up pet hair and other messes.

• If you have pets and allergies, you will appreciate the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology™. It takes a step beyond regular HEPA filtration. Your floors, carpet, and air can be cleaner and healthier.


• Hose Problems: Some customers who bought this vacuum complained that the hose got cracks or little holes after a while.

• Top Heavy: Even though the Shark Navigator weighs less than 16 pounds and is totally portable, there were some customers who said that the unit is top-heavy. When they were using the attachable cleaning tools, they claimed that the sweeper kept turning over.

• The Shark Navigator does great on dust and other debris, but it cannot be used for wet or sticky messes.

• If you have bare floors, the Dust-Away™ attachment is perfect for them. However, this features is not made for carpet. There were some buyers who suggested a feature that would clean carpet under furniture better.

Although some customers voiced concerns about some of the problems they had with this vacuum, the majority of people who bought the Shark Navigator loved the portability of the machine and how well it cleaned bare floors and carpet. It still has an excellent rating when compared to higher priced brands with the same features.