Pet Hair

Pets are the four-legged members of our family. However, dealing with their hair can be problematic and sometimes embarrassing. It can collect on the floors, our clothing, and even the counter tops. This battle is not for the faint of heart, as it requires the right tools to keep it in check. We want to help you find the best vacuum to deal with all that unsightly hair. How embarrassing it would be if a guest popped in and sat on a couch covered in dog hair. To be on the safe side, we must clean constantly to appease those drop-in guests.

This article will review different vacuums that can pick up pet hair with ease. They are current sweepers on the market that are readily available. We will show the pros and cons of each unit, and you can buy with pride knowing that you are making the right decisions.


Hoover T-Series WindTunnel4$118.71

Dyson DC654.4$548.38

Shark Navigator Lift-Away4.6$199.99

Miele S72604$1,042.38

Eureka Mighty Mite4$83.99

The Ultimate Guide to finding the Best Pet Hair Vacuum

Hoover WindTunnel Pet RewindHoover WindTunnel Pet Rewind

First, most Hoover products get pretty good reviews. What I like about this specific product is the fact that it lifts and removes deep-down. While we would like to think that pet-hair just floats along the surface, it actually can get into cracks and crevices too. This machine uses “wind tunnel 2” technology, which means it has more power than its predecessor. The large capacity cup, which is easy to empty, is perfect for those larger jobs. Another feature I love about this vacuum is the instant cord rewind. It is such a huge hassle to wind those cords, but this one does it all by itself with the touch of a button. The HEPA media filter can be removed and washed, so it saves money on the ones that need to be replaced constantly. Additionally, the sweeper has an odor-absorbing carbon layer. It traps up to 97 percent of dust and odorous fibers so that even though the sweeper may be full of your dog’s hair, you are not going to get any smells. These are priced around $130 and the handle folds for easy storage.Read our review


Dyson DC65 Animal CompleteDyson DC65 Animal Complete

With a list price of $649, some may say that the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete is a bit steep for their budget. However, this machine is a beast. Dyson cleaners are known to be workhorses and this one comes with a 5-year parts & labor warranty. For this specific model, the brush bar has an amazing 25% more power, which allows it to get deep into carpet and remove pet hair. When dealing with dog hair, the turbine tool will not tangle and the counter-rotating heads ensure a deep down clean. This model comes with extra tools and a bag for storage. While it does cost a bit more than most models we reviewed, the vacuum is well worth the costs. It weighs 27.1 pounds and easily moves from floor to floor. Unlike other sweepers that require adjustments for various floor types, this one will auto adjust for ease of use. The ball technology makes steering this one a breeze. The “Radial Root Cyclone” technology ensures that the floor is spotless when you are done vacuuming.Read our review


Shark Navigator Lift-AwayShark Navigator Lift-Away

Shark is making a name for itself in the home appliance industry. For around $160, this vacuum provides Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology to ensure that everything it collects is safely sealed. The swivel steering is great for maneuvering in and out of various locations. It comes with a cleaning brush that is able to remove pet hair from any surface in your home. The lightweight and detachable canister can easily be carried from room to room for cleaning the entire home. The extra large crevice tools are perfect or cleaning out pet hair in hard to reach places like in-between couch cushions or car seats. During the testing phases of this product, it never lost suction. This vacuum comes with a 90-day warranty, four attachments, and is completely bag-less. The filters are not washable and will have to be replaced.Read our review


Miele S7260Miele S7260

The Miele S7260 is specifically recommended for those who have allergen problems. One thing that may reviewers notated about this machine was its whisper quiet function. Do you have a dog that gets freaked out when the vacuum is turned on? If you have a dog that is super sensitive, this may be the sweeper for you. The swivel neck technology is great for moving this unit from room to room. In fact, with the swipe of a wrist, it will glide with ease. It is perfect for those who have a bad back and do not want a bulky cleaner. The two motor system is also nice, and the ability to control the suction power. This unit has a 7-year warranty on motor and labor, and it also comes in at 22 pounds. It is not bagless, but it does have self-sealing bags that contain the debris picked up. The 12-foot telescoping wand is another nice touch that can clean those hard to reach places. Retail on this unit is around $650.Read our review


Eureka Pet LoverEureka Pet Lover

If you want a budget machine that is under $150, then this is the vacuum for you. Those who have allergens will be excited that this unit collects 99.97 percent of dust and pet dander. The cord reaches 20 feet in length and it has a telescoping wand and crevice tool. It only weighs 9 pounds so moving it across the floor is simple. It has a one-year limited warranty and the onboard cleaning tools will quickly clean stairs, upholstery, and carpets. It can easily get into small spaces and produces a thorough clean.Read our review



Best Cordless Handheld Vacuums for Pet Hair

The top five vacuums are the traditional style, but if you need something smaller in nature, then you may want a handheld version. The advantage of having a traditional vacuum is the intense amount of suction you get, but if you need something that is handheld for a quick cleanup, these three choices are sure to please.


Black + Decker Platinum BDH2000FL 20-VoltBlack + Decker Platinum BDH2000FL 20-Volt

The canister designs sure have changed over the years and this one is proof that things have improved. It is a cordless unit that can hold a charge for up to 18 months. This unit has some nice features like the washable inner filter and the triple action filtration. This one comes with a pet hair attachment that easily makes light of cleaning up messy hair. It comes with three tools to ensure that all of your little jobs are easilyhandled. It only weighs 5.2 pounds and is easy to carry. Though it may not have button2the power of an upright, the 20 volts sure gives it great control. The side emptying chamber and handy charging stand are a couple more reasons to choose this model. With a retail price of around $55, you cannot go wrong.


Shark Perfect IIShark Perfect II

The Shark Perfect II is a bag-less handheld cleaner that has versatility. It has a washable filter and a battery life that lasts about 15 minutes. It weighs less than five pounds, and the motorized brush will ensure there is no pet hair left behind. Unlike other models, this one does not rotate or swivel, so it is a bit limited. It has 18 volts of power so it really packs a punch. It comes with a one year warranty and retail is around $65.00.




Dyson V6Dyson V6

The shape of the new Dyson V6 is all the rage these days. Gone are the bulky cleaners that are hard to carry, this one looks like a light savor. It has a running time of up to 20 minutes, and it can recharge quickly to go again. The swivel steering makes getting in and out of those tight areas possible. The wall mountable unit will not take up much space; in fact, its stylish look enhances the area. It comes with two tools and a washable filter. The retail on this unit is $299. With 110,000 rpm behind this motor, it is clearly one of the most efficient on the market.


Best Robotic Vacuums for Pet Hair

Even with the best sweeper, you are probably going to miss a few dust bunnies along the way. Here are some robotic vacuum cleaners that can help you to ensure nothing gets left behind.


Roomba 650Roomba 650

As a leader in the industry, the Roomba 650 is a great vacuum cleaner. This programmable cleaner will allow you to schedule your cleaners even when you are not home. It has a three-phase cleaning to ensure that even that deep ground in dirt is removed. Though it needs clearly defined areas and takes a long time to charge, many people rave about this cleaner.





Neato XV Signature Pro PetNeato XV Signature Pro Pet

Unlike other models, this one uses lasers to get into those corners. Its precision style cleaning makes it perfect for pet hair. When it gets low on charge, it automatically returns to the charging cradle. After charging, it picks up where it left off.




Roomba 770Roomba 770

The powerful 3-stage cleaning system comes with a remote control. You can sit on your couch and control this one. It has a long life battery and will also return to the cradle when it needs to be charged. It maneuvers around furniture with ease.


What to look for when buying a pet vacuum?

When buying your next pet vacuum, you want to ensure that it has plenty of suction and a few attachments too. The ability to flow effortlessly from floor to floor is nice, and a retractable cord is always a plus too. Those that allow you to purchase extra accessories are good too. Having tools that can reach even into the smallest of spaces will be a worthwhile investment.