Hoover Linx HandheldPerfect for pet owners or anyone who’d like to spot clean on the go, the Hoover Platinum BH50030 is a tough, compact vacuum that will help you get your home, office, RV, or automobile spotless.

The handheld vacuum reimagined

The makers behind the Hoover Platinum BH50030 took the standard handheld vacuum and completely reworked it for maximum performance and usability. Prior handheld models clean by using air that is then agitated by a rotating head, which creates a powerful airflow, but doesn’t allow for the most effective pickup of small items such as pet hair. The Hoover Platinum BH50030 reinvents this idea and has a motorized brush head that is far more effectual at grabbing every pet hair and piece of debris. The vacuum head is flexible and can rotate up to 25 degrees to to get down into couch cushions and under car seats. This pivoting feature allows the vacuum to retain all of its surface area on the item it is cleaning for full suction and a complete clean.

Convenience and power

Another feature that makes this model enviable is the range of accessories that come included. Beyond the standard cleaning roll, users also get two other interchangeable rolls to cover all of their cleaning needs. Get down into the crevices of your computer keyboard or other electronics with the deluxe dusting brush, a powerful accessory with a delicate touch. For pet owners, the pet tool is essential, as its three blade setup allows for a deep cleaning of upholstery to get pet hair with ease.

Ready to Go

This cordless vacuum gives users the flexibility to clean anywhere, but, at it is dependent on a battery, cleaning time is limited. The Hoover Platinum BH50030 can run nearly twice as long as the average cordless vacuum, and will last between 10 and 30 minutes on a single charge. Conveniently, the vacuum comes with a battery indicator so you’ll know how long you have until the next charge is necessary. Unlike other handheld vacuums, this model uses a removable, rechargeable lithium ion battery, so you don’t have to worry about finding and untangling the charging cords. If you plan on using the vacuum for longer periods of it, it would be easy to purchase an additional battery to keep on the charge at all times. Without an extra battery, users will need to wait up to 3 hours for the battery to become fully charged again. If you own other Hoover cordless vacuums, the battery for the Hoover Platinum BH50030 is interchangeable with any others from the company, which is a perk for repeat customers.

What else to consider

Even though this vacuum is compact and powerful, there are other elements to consider before purchasing this model instead of a comparable handheld vacuum. Since it is a small model, the Hoover Platinum BH50030 will not hold a large amount of dirt or pet hair, which translates into more frequent emptying of the bagless chamber. Although it would be convenient to have a second battery, the type of battery that this model uses is fairly expensive. Although this Hoover isn’t as pricey as a handheld Dyson, it is an investment piece. For users who have leather couches or equipment and are looking for a small vacuum to clean them, this is not the best tool as the rotating head is not effective on this type of upholstery.

Final Thoughts

This small vacuum is versatile enough to find a place in any household. It’s fantastic for pet owners since it’s lightweight but tough on pet hair, but it would also be useful to have in an RV or car for quick cleanups or in a workshop to get rid of dry debris on workspaces.