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Hikeren Cordless Vacuum, Hikeren Stick Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1,Black

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Does your house remain dirty? Have you ever wasted your time cleaning your home? Then you must be looking for a vacuum cleaner to clean your home in a short time. And you must have thought before which vacuum cleaner will be the best one for me? Don’t worry. Hiker Cordless Vacuum has come to market to solve your problems. This Cordless vacuum cleaner has come with a lot of new features and facilities for you. So you can continue your reading to get more information about this product.

Product Summary : 
Product  Name:  Hikeren Stick
Brand: Hikeren
Price :$85.99
Weight: 5.1 pounds
Product Dimensions:  43.3 x 9.8 x 6.7 inches.
Voltage: 120 Watts
Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars
Warranty:  Hikeren cordless vacuum provides 60 days money back & 18-month worry-free guarantee!

Multiple uses of this Hikeren Cordless Vacuum:

Hiker Cordless Vacuum, this versatile vacuum cleaner, has been made for meeting all your cleaning requirements. So, you can use it for cleaning your house,

Cars, as well as offices. In a word, you can use this vacuum on any tile floor.

And you can also use this versatile vacuum for cleaning your carpets. And this vacuum works great both on floors and carpets. So, you can get cleaned together floors and carpets with one vacuum.

The best cordless vacuum has a great suction power of 12KPA. This suction power makes the vacuum more potent than the other vacuums. So, you can easily pick up the dust of liquid, cat litter, pet hair, biscuits packet, and so on. Almost any kind of garbage you will be able to pick with this vacuum cleaner.

This Hikeren Stick Vacuum Cleaner offers you a versatile cleaning as it has functioned 2 in 1 cordless stick for that you can easily convert it to a small removable vacuum.

You will be able to lift off the compact vacuum anywhere, and you can also convert from a stick vacuum cleaner to a small vacuum cleaner for different cleaning requirements if you want. The vacuum’s wireless design frees you from the hassle of a cord as it is a cordless vacuum cleaner. You can easily clean the under and around your sofa, chairs, stair, or any other surface of your home and car.

Powerful Machine and Rechargeable Battery :

This cordless stick vacuum has a battery. 2500mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery, and it has a 120W motor, which is providing 12KPA suction. I have mentioned before it has excellent suction power, so you need not worry about the suction power. And

You can use the vacuum for up to 30-40mins by charging 3-4 hours once. So, you can clean your whole house by setting once as the vacuum cleaner will provide you a good time for using it. And the vacuum has two adjustable speed modes. So, you can control the speed of the cleaning machine. And you can clean your house in a short time by upgrading the speed of the vacuum.

Hiker Cordless Vacuum has a double filtration system with a stainless steel filter. And it is also waterproof. So, there is no risk for motors. And you can also use the Hikeren Stick vacuum in wet and dry places for cleaning, unlike other vacuum cleaners. So, in that case, a Hikeren Stick Vacuum cleaner is the best option for you.

The Stick vacuum cleaner is only 5.1 pounds. As it is a lightweight vacuum cleaner, you can comfortably take it from one place to another. So, you can move your whole house quickly.

Most of the vacuum filters need to be washed after every use. But the Hikeren Stick vacuum cleaner’s filter need not wash after every washing like other vacuums. You can detach and clean after using your vacuum cleaner 3 to 5 times for a high vacuuming performance.

Whatever is in the package :

As you know, usually, just the charger, cleaning brush, and other one or two things are in the vacuum cleaner package. But the Hikeren Stick vacuum cleaner’s box Isn’t given just a few things like other vacuum cleaners. There is a stick vacuum cleaner, handheld vacuum cleaner, crevice nozzle, cleaning brush, charger, and manual base. All your needs are given in the Hikeren Stick vacuum cleaner package.

In the other vacuum cleaners, there was no Dust Searchlight for searching the corner’s dust. For that, in dark corners, you would not be able to see the dust. And you would fall into problems while cleaning. Don’t worry. The Hiker Cordless Vacuum has LED light, which will significantly help you find dust from every dark corner.

Easily portable size and works fast :

A regular vacuum cleaner had one way of charging, and it took a considerable time for a full charge. But, the Hikeren Stick vacuum can be charged in 2 ways. You can set the hand vacuum separately or attach it to the stick vacuum for charging. As you can trust the hand vacuum individually, it won’t take much time for complete charging. It’s a better option for you if you want to use your vacuum cleaner several times a day.

Unlike other vacuum cleaners, this new cordless vacuum can cover a large area to clean. The central vacuum head, which is at floor level, whose width is 8 inches, is 10 inches, and the vacuum’s main height is 44 inches. It’s an excellent shape for flexible use. So, You can comfortably clean your house in a short time as its cleaning path is longer than other vacuum cleaners.

Many of you waste your valuable time cleaning houses daily as your home remains dirty almost every day. Its leading cause is most of your vacuum cleaners are not able to clean properly. But this new

Hiker Cordless Vacuum can clean your house accurately. That’s why you need not clean your home daily. It will be enough if you vacuum your home with the Hikeren Stick Cordless Vacuum cleaner once a week.

Use it easily and save your time:

Hiker Stick Vacuum Cleaner is giving you a fast and convenient cleaning opportunity. That’s why it will save you from wasting valuable time and effort. You can make the proper use of time as you have not to waste your time on your house working and give time to your family, which maybe you couldn’t do before.



If you want a clean house for living a happy life, you need a vacuum cleaner for your home, and Hikeren Stick Vacuum has come with all the best requirements for you. So this product is best for you. You can be looking for amazon buyer feedback Which I mentioned below.

  1. Wayne Wakefield: Wayne Wakefield gave five stars for this product. I mentioned exactly what she said about this product. His profile

5.0 out of 5 stars Height quality!!!

Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2020

Verified Purchase

I immediately fell in love with this cordless vacuum! Even though it is a lightweight vacuum, you can tell the quality of the Device will endure many years of use. It is also well-engineered, so the device is very versatile when separating the sections for easy cleaning!

It is perfect for quickly picking up all sorts of spills from cereal to any powdered or granulated products. It also has a unique setting for getting under the refrigerator or any other low clearance area.

I highly recommend this unit because I’ve purchased many lower quality products in the past, and they were never built like this one!

  1. Joshua Lemke gave five stars for this product. I mentioned exactly what she said about this product. His profile

“Sleek Style and Great on Tile

Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2020

Verified Purchase

If you have a tile floor (my apartment does), this vacuum works wonders. This is not meant to clean an entire mansion but will look and work great in a small apartment. It took me a minute to realize the best was to position the vacuum to take minimal effort to push (see first and fourth pictures), but once I did, cleaning was a breeze. The lightweight design means that you can hang the vacuum from a wall (or behind a door) for better storage.

I have had no issue with suction as long as the filter is cleaned and the container emptied after every use (I have two very fluffy cats who like to deposit hair everywhere, so the frequency at which you need to clean and empty the filter/container may differ).
The only downside is that the wheels are not the best for dense carpets. Overall, the sleek design and lightweight construction more than makeup for that minor inconvenience.

  1. Russell Washington, Fresh Meadows, NY, gave five stars for this product. I mentioned exactly what she said about this product. His profile

 “Portable but powerful, easy to use the vacuum

            Reviewed in the United States on February 3, 2020

           Verified Purchase

I got this vacuum mainly to use in my car and sometimes in my second house. First of all, it looks and feels fantastic, like a transformers vacuum. It’s effortless to convert from handheld to a full-size cleaner and vice versa by just clicking it in and pressing a button to click it back out. It’s also effortless to store since you can halve the size of the handle by bending the handle down.

Truly a transformers vacuum cleaner. The handheld vacuum is where most of the power seems to come from onto the vacuum itself. It is powerful and sucks up in between my car seats very well. The attachments that come with it help with that. When using it in full-size mode, the brush was good for cleaning my carpets, and I was surprised by how much dust it picked up. The vacuum is also easy to empty and clean. Wireless vacuum features seem to be the future. With how convenient they are, I can never go back to wired.

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