Eureka RapidClean Step-41-AThere comes a point when it’s preferable to have a compact and powerful vacuum to not just tidy up behind the children and animals, but also to perform trickier tasks such as cleaning stairway corners without needing to pull out your heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. If portability is what you most desire, the Eureka RapidClean 41A could be the answer to your prayers.

The Eureka RapidClean 41A vacuum is fashioned exclusively for carpeted stairs, and that’s where this cleaner truly stands out from the pack. It has enough strength to deeply penetrate your carpet to eliminate the dirt and grime, and it comes with a very wide nozzle head to reduce the number of sweeps you have to make compared to other portable cleaners.

Voted #1 in its class by Consumer Reports, the Eureka 41A RapidClean is an upgrade of the earlier highly successful 71B EasyClean model. Like its predecessor, the 41A has entered the market as a step vacuum for stairs, as well as a cleaner for hard floors.

Multi-Surface Cleaning

The Eureka 41A RapidClean comes with one element not commonly found in the majority of portable and handheld vacuums: An on/off button for the brush roller. This feature allows it to easily switch between cleaning carpet and bare floor surfaces without leaving scratches or lacerations on your wood floor. To thoroughly clean carpeted stairways and upholstery, just flip the bare floor brush back up and activate the brush roller.

Long Cord for Mobility

The RapidClean is equipped with a 25-foot-long cord, a three-foot stretch hose accessory, and a crevice cleaning tool for rapid cleaning in hard-to-access spots. Connecting the 25-foot cord to the three-foot hose provides a combined total of 28 feet of reaching ability, the longest on record for portable vacuum units, which enables you to clean a whole stairway or the interior of a car in the front driveway without having to unplug it. It also has a specified area on the back to the wrap the cord around when you’re done cleaning. The unit’s easy-to-use roller wheels keep hardwood floors smooth and make moving it much easier.

  • Strong enough for pulling animal and human hair out of carpeting and hard floor surfaces
  • Perfect for dusting and cleaning furniture coverings
  • Powerful suction ability
  • Robust 6-amp motor for first-rate cleaning efficiency
  • Most effective portable vacuum cleaner for carpeted stairways
  • Accessories make it easier to reach high places and to store

As some other reviewers have pointed out, the front part of the machine is perhaps a tad large, as it makes it too tall to store in certain kitchen cabinets and beneath car seats. Fortunately, the three-foot extension hose helps to counterbalance this.
A lot of other reviews criticize it for not being a cordless vacuum, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, since cordless models have to be charged frequently and may run out of juice in the middle of a cleaning job. Ultimately it is just a question of personal taste, as both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Bottom Line

This really is a useful portable vacuum cleaner that’s ideal for keeping on hand in your house, vehicle, or boat when you don’t care to haul around a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner for minor cleanup tasks. With exceptional suction strength powered by its 6-amp engine and very sturdy construction, it works wonders for a variety of surface types, which includes everything from thick rugs to hardwood floors, penetrating deeply beneath the surface to eliminate the dirt and stains. It really shines on carpet, specifically on carpeted stairs, and is unparalleled by any other portable cleaner for that specific purpose.