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Big Ball Multi Floor Dyson Vacuum Cleaner , Yellow

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Hi, If you are looking for the best Canister Dyson Vacuum Cleaner, then you have come to the right place. I hope you get a good result here. So you continue reading. Using the  Big ball multi-floor Dyson Vacuum Cleaner comes with suction power, versatility, and overall usability, but it is not a joke.

This vacuum Makes it easy a strong performance around by including extra cleaning tools from another cleaner. It is easy to use and carry. Most people used it.

Which Dyson vacuum cleaner is the best?

I mentioned a few Dyson vacuum cleaners for the convenience of your choice.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Overview:

This product is manufacturing from new technology. New self-right technology is monostatic of this vacuum.  Have a stable resting point in this vacuum. Dyson Vacuum Cleaner engineers make this possible by manufacturing the use of a complex configuration of these vacuums.  We create a curved body with a lower center of gravity with the heaviest material shots closest to the floor that unites them in a circular circle. Whenever a Vacuum is displaced from its work, gravity will automatically return, and its outcome will resume. More simply, we can say that when it falls off, it comes back again through sincerity. And selfishly cleans dirt. This cleaner has a new cleaning process. You can clean all the dust stuck with the push of a button. There is no need to touch your dirty hands. This product has five years official warranty for easy and versatile use.

Design of Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Big Ball Canister:

Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister vacuum is a good design and the same design as another cleaner, but It has two separate parts of the vacuum. Which makes it easy to clean.

There is a part of its Cleaning head, Extension wand, and Articulating handle. In another aspect, there is the Dust bin canister, motor, and Dyson ball base. These two parts are joined by the flexible extension hose that moves the dust and debris from the floor to the dust bin canister.

Dyson Vacuums Canister Form Factor

This vacuum Dyson has a round Dyson ball base with the dust bin canister, including a dust bin canister into the ball itself. There is a long flexible hose with an articulating handle. There is the end of it, is a cleaning head. It has different colors such as silver, golden, and yellow color schemes. It looks pretty similar to the multi-floor upright vacuum.

How does Dyson Vacuum Cleaner work?

This Cleaner is strong suction which generating an impressive 250 AW of suction power. There is a 360-degree articulating handle that rotates independently from the ridged extension wand and cleaning head. This makes it a little easier to clean down low without bending over and cleaning up high without needing to step up on something.

How to the size & Dimension of this vacuum?

This product is a decently big-size canister vacuum. It is heavy, but it is a size like a Dyson animal, two full sizes upright. This Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Multi Floor Canister height is 12.13 inches; length is 15.71 inches, width is 13.66 inches, and Ibs17.64 inches.

The Bissell Zing is much heavy more than the 11kg lightweight canister vacuums, but it also can clean the dirt with excess weight. Compare the units to many more large sections like the Mile Classic C1 and notice that the weight is within 1 pound of each other. The brush roll has 12 inches wide cleaning path and comes with a 21-inch cord. The cord combined with the flexible home and extension wand equals a total reach of 35 inches from end to end.

Accessories of Dyson Vacuum Cleaner:

The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Multi Floor 2 canister comes with a few useful tools, including accessories. I am describing some valuable tools for this product. If you need, so you continue this blog, and I hope you can good advice.

Features of Dyson Canister: The Big Ball Multi Floor canister has much design with Dyson upright two vacuum cleaners.

Self Attached Cleaning Head: At first, the Dyson multi-floor canister cleaner uses the same self-adjusting cleaning head as you will see on the upright model.

Cleaning System: The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Multi Floor Canister uses the patented 2- Tier Radial Root Cyclone technology. This system can clean out particles as small as 0.003 microns. This product is certified to be asthma and allergy-friendly.

Righting Ball: The unique feature of the Big Ball Canister Vacuum is the self-righting Dyson Ball. If you have used a canister vacuum before then, you know that Dyson righting Ball is critical for a canister vacuum. It has self-righting technology so when any trouble then may come back and continue cleaning. So I can say it is good for you.

Cleaning Performance: The Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum is performing well. But I did struggle with cereal. such as –

Overall- 86%

Hardwood- 71%

Low Carpet-99%

High Carpet-89%

Best Floor Cleaner: When tested on the hardwood floor, the Dyson Vacuum Big Ball Multi Floor canister hit a couple of bumps, but it is not troubling any problem. So it is the best hardwood floor cleaner. I have suggested this product from my experience.

Low Pile Carpet Cleaning: Put in soda at night and then empty it up. After vacuum then mix equal parts vinegar and water in the spray bottle. And use your brush for the pile and dry. The low pile carpet tests are much better than the hardwood floor tests. There are no problems with the soft pile carpets. So, This is different from other vacuum cleaners.

Maneuverability & Usability: The Dyson Vacuum Multi Floor canister has in terms of usability and maneuverability. It has a series of pros and cons. Overall, I can say this vacuum is very usable and easy to carry.

The Dyson Canister Maintenance: The Dyson Vacuum Big Ball Canister maintenance is pretty light for the user. The main factors to easy maintenance include:

If aren’t any broken, then really no need for any replacements. For maintenance of the Dyson canister, you can include the following issues:

The Dyson Multi Floor Vacuum of regular maintenance will help run smoother and unnecessary repairs on parts or accessories.

The Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister is a Good Value: I can say that the Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor canister offers a great value of this time. The Cleaning performance the versatility of this unit makes for the most impressive canister vacuums we have tested to date.

Specifications of Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister: I have described below a complete table listing the essential facts and features of the Dyson Big Ball canister vacuum cleaner: So follow this table-


Weight17.64 pounds
Floor TypeAll
FilterWashable lifetime
ControlSelf-Righting Base
Cleaning HeadSelf-Adjusting
Suction Power250 AW
ReturnsVaries by retailer
Warranty5-Year limited

Why Should Buy the Dyson Big Ball Canister? If you are looking primarily for a canister vacuum, you don’t want to sacrifice maneuverability or suction power. Then the Dyson Multi Floor canister vacuum is the best for you.

It rolls best designed around the Dyson Ball, can self-right itself, and has matched suction power to the Dyson Multi Floor 2 upright vacuum. I would recommend the Dyson Big Ball if you look for the following features in a canister vacuum.

The Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor canister vacuum score is high because-


The Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor is a canister vacuum designed for the user with a wide range of versatility. This product offers a strong level of cleaning performance. Not a cheap vacuum, but still an original and value the overall performance, usability, and accessories. So it is the best cleaner for you. I have used it regularly to clean my house carpet and floor. I mentioned some reviews from Amazon customers. I didn’t make any changes, just saying the customer’s review. You can look at it.

  1. J. Leedham: One Star! Really?

Reviewed in the United States on July 4, 2020

Verified Purchase

“After 30 years of high end and expensive German vacuums, we decided to try Dyson and bought the expensive one recommended for heavy pet hair. We were impressed with how much dirt appeared in the canister on first use. A significant improvement over the previous vacuum. After ten years of very heavy use, it was time for a replacement. We had been so pleased with the first Dyson we got this one: Dyson Big Ball.

It works as well and as efficiently as our original, but with some improvements. Handling, emptying is improved. It comes with an adapter so we can use the add on floor brush from the original. The tools attach more efficiently. Overall an improvement on an already impressive vacuum cleaner. So: Some reviewers gave this model 1 star. Really?

Here are a few facts from our experience. After four years the carpet beater stopped working. I had registered the Dyson when we first purchased it from Amazon. So I called Dyson, spoke with a very friendly rep. After a few questions about why the brush might not be working, there was a pause and the rep said ” The replacement brush is on its way and will be with you in a couple of days.”

On the few rare occasions there’s been a product problem with an Amazon order it was addressed and resolved by Amazon immediately. That covers the initial period. Then, as long as you are a registered Dyson owner you get a FIVE YEAR replacement parts warranty.

Anyone who finds the suction on this too much to handle had better not ever try to operate a chain saw! And there are plenty of less efficient, less effective vacuum cleaners out there. This works perfectly for us and is highly recommended.”

  1. VS: Powerful suction

Reviewed in the United States on October 12, 2020

Verified Purchase

“It is still early days for a completely objective review but I can tell you one thing; this Dyson has the most powerful suction. I own the upright Dyson, which is fine but not as powerful (doesn’t seem to anyway) and I wanted to be able to vacuum under my furniture. I purchased 4 vacuums in 4 years, including an expensive Samsung canister, good at first except for the wand that keeps breaking and suction power that is not as efficient (even though I am cleaning filters regularly) after a while. Hopefully, I am good for a few years with these two Dyson…

So, this Dyson canister has a “release suction” handle, that’s how powerful it is. The rotative brush goes everywhere and I purchased the bare floor attachment as well for my wooden floors. This canister requires to clean the filter at least once a month, not a big deal. Finally, Amazon has this incredible price for prime members (more expensive with competitors, I checked).”

  1. David E :
    0 out of 5 stars
    WOW! Awesome cleaner

Reviewed in the United States on October 29, 2020

Verified Purchase

“My wife and I are IMPRESSED!! We have been the happy owners of a Dyson upright cleaner for the last 15+ years, and we have been very happy and impressed with that unit compared to other vacs we have owned in the past. This weekend my wife was cleaning and the old unit started coming apart. Some judicial use of duct tape kept it together long enough to complete the cleaning but it was time to retire the old unit and I ordered this new unit as a replacement.

First, it is a very compact unit. It is not very loud or unpleasant in operation. The real surprise is all of the dirt the new unit picked up. Simply amazing, considering the house had just been vacuumed with our prior Dyson. We re-vacuumed and didn’t get much up the second time over. The area rugs appear much brighter as well.

I highly recommend this unit, it is several notches up from my previous Dyson. Smaller, quieter, and more compact yet a much better cleaner. It even comes with an adapter to use our tools from the old Dyson.”

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