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Dyson Multi Floor Lightweight Dyson Ball Upright Vacuum Cleaner |DC25 for Every Floor Type|

Dyson Multi Floor
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Product Description

Tired of the usual heavy, hard-to-use, humongous cleaning machine you call your Dyson Multi Floor 2 vacuum cleaner? Well, here is this product that seems to know just how to fix this. It is lightweight and ready for any floor surface. Can’t take any more suspense? Introducing the: Dyson  Multi Floor Lightweight DC25 Dyson Upright Vacuum cleaner for every floor type.

Navigate anywhere as Dyson DC25 or previously known as DC25 for all floors, has a Dyson  Multi Floor 2 vacuum cleaner. It includes a patented Ball technology. Forget the back and forth efforts to turn your vacuum in another direction. You can now be worry-free and maneuver your vacuum anywhere in all the corners of your home. This technology is found at the motor of your DC25. The Ball has high impact strength and is made of glass-reinforced polypropylene (creating car dashboards).

It also has a patented Root Cyclone technology to ensure suction. Have a separate vacuum for different floor surfaces? Well, Dyson  Multi Floor 2 is designed for powerful cleaning that spins the air at high speeds. It also includes a motorized brush bar. This Brush bar is a powerful tool to suck dirt and even pet hair that resides in the depths of your carpet. It can be turned on and off for hard floors or even on delicate rugs.

More trouble reaching those ceilings or puzzled on how to go about cleaning the stairs? DC25 Dyson  Multi Floor 2 has a quick-release wand that extends up to 15 feet for our convenience. Accessories can be attached further for your cleaning needs.

Even more interesting to note in this upright vacuum cleaner is its HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Air) filter. It is the same filter that hospitals are utilizing. It traps particles as tiny as 0.1 microns. So you are guaranteed that the air from your DC25 contains 150 times fewer bacteria or mold versus the attitude you take in. You need to rinse it every three months with cold water, so you don’t need to replace it.

Moreover, 12 allergy associations worldwide approve all Dyson upright and cylinder vacuums. These organizations include British Allergy Foundation (BAF) and Allergies Suisse. To be supported by these associations, one must ensure proper constant suction and separation ability. This should guarantee that it won’t lose effectiveness while you are cleaning.

It’s easy to empty; just push a button, and the dirt comes out. Take off the clear bean and throw the dust in your garbage can; no more bags to throw away. This product also has a five-year part and labor guarantee.

Dyson  Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner Features and Details Reviews:

Vacuum Cleaners UK’s Review:

If you are still not impressed with this product, it has 414 reviewers, and how did it fair? It got 4.5 out of 5 stars.

So let us dwell on the brand first; most reviewers already owned a Dyson and had to try this new product.  They say: “It’s a Dyson… that’s all you need to know :)”.  Moreover:” Dyson  Multi Floor 2 cleaners have been one of the best household products ever since it was invented, and because the inventor keeps his eye on his products he can refine the product to be more efficient, and this model does exactly what it say’s on the box. A good investment for keeping your floors and carpets clean.”

How about the functionality?  Most reviewers find that what had been advertised is all true.  The machine suction is incredible and very powerful—a straightforward machine to handle.  The design is stunning, and the steering is so easy.  It is lightweight and has adequate capacity.  It is easy to clean and empty.

Users find their deal on was very competitive.  It also included a tool kit.  The service is also excellent.

On the downside, most reviewers, even those who gave five stars rating, commented that the clear bean is small compared with previous Dysons.  That being said, you have to empty it now and then because it does suck much dirt.   Much hesitation arises from its detachable wand that is reviewed to be minor, and because it is mighty, you might find yourself wrestling a hose. “The suction power is so strong that it makes using the hose a bit of a challenge but you soon develop your own techniques to compensate. You can’t really do the stairs in a one’s, you need to go halfway up from the bottom, then go upstairs and vacuum halfway down (that made more sense in my head but I’m sure you catch my drift).”

More so, one reviewer commented that the Ball makes cleaning under low furniture impossible. And another advises that it is not recommended for wooden floors.

A powerful and recommended vacuum but not for the weak, literally.  It does do its job but is extra powerful.  D25 is recommendable for apartments and bungalows and is extra helpful if you have a pet at home.  It takes a lot of practice for you to get used to the product.  Weak wrists beware, the suction does its job, but if someone stronger can do it and make your home super clean, it’s worth it. I would say one of the best vacuum cleaners we have in the UK.

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