Dyson DC65The DC65 Animal Complete is one of Dyson’s best upright vacuums, and by far one of the best pet hair vacuums available on the market today. The vacuum features Radial Root Cyclone functionality and a high-end Lifetime HEPA Filter. Built to quickly and efficiently capture small bits of mold, bacteria, and even pollen so your carpets can be as clean as possible. This vacuum is great for anyone for pollen, mold, or dust allergies. In addition to being a high-quality traditional vacuum, the Animal Complete will also pick up any pet hair from your carpets with ease. Which makes it a great tool to clean up after shedding pets. The DC65 also sports a number of other great features that make it well worth the price.

Tangle-Free Mini Turbine Tool

The Animal Complete includes a powerful air-driven Mini Turbine Tool, designed to eliminate tangling almost completely. This is great for vacuuming pet hair and dust from upholstery, stairs, and cars without any tangling. As well as other small areas such as chairs, beds, and corners. The tangle-free technology of the Mini Turbine Tool is designed to efficiently pick up both short and long pet hair, ribbons, strings, threads, and shoelaces all without tangling. This is due to the tool’s complete lack of a beater bar for strings and hair to latch onto. While other turbine tools commonly utilize beater bars, which can easily cause tangles. In addition, the tool utilizes wheels that counter-rotate to further prevent shoelaces, strings, and of course, pet hair from becoming tangled in the tool’s brushes.

Innovative Cleaner Head

This vacuum’s innovative cleaner head and base allow for maximum power and efficiency. The cutting-edge motorized brushing bar will work hard to deeply clean carpets covered in dirt, dust, and pet dander. While large advances in Dyson’s signature Ball technology make the vacuum feel effortless to maneuver around obstacles such as couches, coffee tables, and other furniture. Which makes this one of Dyson’s easiest vacuums to use, as well as one of the best for picking up pet hairs.

Construction & Design

The DC65 Animal Complete from Dyson is designed to look extremely modern and stylish. It looks far better than most other pet vacuums available for this price. But the design isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. The DC65 features a highly ergonomic handle built to be comfortable and to make the vacuum easier to carry.

The Animal Complete is also highly durable, as it’s constructed from the same high-quality polycarbonate used in law enforcement and SWAT applications.

Other Accessories

In addition to all of its other great features, the Dyson Animal Complete package includes a number of useful additional accessories for the user’s convenience. The vacuum comes with a tool bag filled with accessories, such as zorb powder to help clean pet stains. The bag also includes a Combination Accessory Tool, a Stair Tool, a Stiff Bristle Brush, a Multi-Angle Brush and a Soft Dusting Brush. Making the DC65 an extremely versatile vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum also includes a telescoping wand and a hose for increased range and extreme flexibility. Which allows the user to reach areas which would normally be inaccessible to the vacuum. Such as walls, ceilings, stairs, and any other nooks and crannies.


The Dyson DC65 Animal Complete is a very good upright vacuum cleaner. But its primary purpose is cleaning up pet hairs. A job at which it excels. It completely blows away the competition, cleaning pet hair efficiently and quickly, as well as being excellent for normal household applications. Overall, this is an exceptional pet vacuum and is well worth the cost.