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Dirt Devil Dynamite Vacuum Cleaner

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Dirt Devil Dynamite Vacuum is perfect for you. Whether you live in a house, apartment, condo, mansion, or townhome, every home needs the same thing—a vacuum. Choosing the right vacuum for your home can be overwhelming. There are so many options available to consumers. Starting my search for the perfect vacuum, I found the Dirt Devil Dynamite. Like most products I buy, I do quite a bit of research to make sure I’ll like the product. Here is what I found about the Dirt Devil Dynamite.

Features & Specifications of Dirt Devil Dynamite

This baby weighs less than 9 pounds. You are no more lugging a heavy cleaner up and down the stairs. Aside from its minimal weight, its height is also a plus. It has automatic height adjustment making it easier to store in smaller locations. The click-lock handle lowers to 31 inches. It’s a bagless vacuum, so no more purchasing or running out of bags, and the  Dirt Devil Dynamite plus comes with onboard tools. These accessories make it easier for all your cleaning needs—an extension wand for reaching high-up spots. Use the dusting brush and crevice tool to clean all the hard-to-reach places in your home. The sophisticated filtration system with a HEPA filter can trap 99.99% of the usual airborne allergens. HEPA filters are commonly used in medical facilities, cars, airplanes, and homes. To be eligible as HEPA, the product must meet US government standards of 99.97% removal.

Dirt Devil Dynamite Pros

I studied many Dirt Devil vacuum reviews during my search for a great vacuum. There were a lot of the same praises from multiple different people. The Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless feature was mentioned quite a bit. I know how frustrating it can be when you run out of vacuum bags.  The adjustable height was a huge plus to those with minimal storage space. If you live in an apartment or condo, space can be hard to find. This Dirt Devil Dynamite bagless upright vacuum quickly shortens and fits almost anywhere. Many reviews commented on how affordable this vacuum is. You could easily spend hundreds of dollars on one vacuum. The makers of Dirt Devil have to combine quality with affordability. Just because this product is on the low-end cost-wise doesn’t mean it can’t do its job. You can’t beat the price of this high-quality vacuum. This vacuum sucks! It sucks all the dirt from your floors with immense power. Some owners mentioned how it is so amazing how much dirt & dust the vacuum picks up. It has a 7 amp motor but seems to suck up dirt like a 10 amp.

Dirt Devil Dynamite Cons

A particular Dirt Devil Dynamite review caught my attention concerning the negatives of this product. Concern about the belt melting and breaking was a common complaint. Once the belt did die, it was nearly impossible to find a replacement. Many stores did not carry the item, and Dirt Devil was usually out of stock. A new belt could cost half as much as the original price of the actual vacuum. Because this vacuum was designed to fit in any home, the path is super narrow. If you’ve got a big room to clean, using this vacuum could take longer. So, depending on the sizes of the rooms in your home, you need to consider this. Many who bought the Dynamite have complained about its loudness. Some reviews mention a “high-pitched piercing” sound. If you are sensitive to sounds, this might bother you. Also, if you have dogs, they will most likely be bothered by this vacuum. As a bagless vacuum, this machine needs to be emptied often. Some complaint of the mess it creates to clean the darn thing. Advice given by a reviewer is to take the vacuum outside to clean, or you’ll have to vacuum up the mess again.


Although there were quite a few concerns about this vacuum, the positive reviews far outnumbered the negative. Most are pleased with their purchase of the Dirt Devil Dynamite Plus. It is easy to store if you have limited storage. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry. So, if you live in a smaller home or apartment with stairs and a bad back, this could be the perfect vacuum for you. If you need a vacuum but have limited funds, this seems to be a great quality product for the price. This vacuum can have a place in my home.

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