Despite the best of efforts at maintaining cleanliness, your carpet will sooner or later get dirty; carpets tend to attract animal hair, allergens, stains, mold, mildew, and other forms of dirt. Even though it might be quite tricky to spot, your carpet most likely contains unimaginable amounts of dirt. Luckily, proper care of your carpet will ensure you are free of all these dirt particles, and experts recommend vacuum cleaning as the best technique for an efficient carpet cleaning. We intend to guide you towards investing on a vacuum cleaner that can suck up dirt embedded in your carpet fibers, in particular for deep set carpets and pet owners.


Shark Rotator4.6$219.00

Miele S7280 Jazz4.2$549.00

Hoover WindTunnel Air4.1$128.00

Bissell Cleanview4.4$79.00

Hoover Platinum4.3$221.53

Overviews & reviews of the Top-5

Unfortunately, most of the regular vacuums available on the market are not adept at cleaning carpets and for excellent results, we have reviewed five of the best vacuum cleaners, considering factors such as user-friendliness, performance, durability, price, maneuverability and customer ratings.

Shark Rotator 1Shark Rotator
The Shark Rotator Professional is a three-in-one vacuum cleaning machine that consists of a portable, an upright and a roll-over canister vacuum, and features high-end technology, offering users an outstanding functionality and performance, which provides for an excellent return on the investment. It eliminates clogging of filters due to an advanced suction technology, which utilizes the latest cyclonic filtration to distinguish dust from the air, sucking it straight into the trash bin, and providing a powerful suction power throughout. This vacuum features motorized rotating brushes that dig deep inside carpet threads, lifting all types of dirt and allergens, which are then captured and retained by a completely sealed HEPA filter, ensuring zero re-entries into your indoor air. It is also easy to maneuver around obstacles such as furniture, thanks to a swivel head and additionally includes an assortment of attachments such as a straight suction nozzle, a dusting brush, a crevice tool, a multi-angle dusting brush, and a large turbo brush, which ensure efficiency for each of your vacuuming tasks. It is user-friendly, of a sturdy and durable design and build, and provides ultimate cleaning performance.Read our review

Miele S7280 Jazz 1Miele S7280 Jazz
Although a little bit steep in pricing, this vacuum offers optimal cleaning performance for your entire home, from ceiling to floor, and not merely on carpeted surfaces. It readily reclines all the way to the floor surface and constitutes a patented swivel neck technology, both of which allow for easy maneuverability around and under furniture, all at just a small turn of your wrist. The Miele S7280 Jazz features a technologically advanced and superior filtration system that includes an active HEPA filter and a 12 stage air-clean filtration, providing adequate separation and suction of dirt particles from carpet threads and indoor air. It also consists of an electro-powered brush that automatically adjusts to the surface being cleaned, resulting in a gentle and even cleaning of every surface. With a user-friendly interface, inclusive of a suction control dial, an on and off brush roll switch, and attachments such as a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and an upholstery tool, all your vacuum cleaning requirements are ideally catered for by the Miele S7280 Jazz.Read our review

Hoover WindTunnel Air 1Hoover WindTunnel Air
This cleaner guarantees the removal of embedded dirt from your carpet fibers through the utilization of three air channels in place of one, afforded by the Hoover’s advanced cyclonic technology, which forces air through eight suction channels, separating and sucking dirt from the air and into the bin, and maintaining a high suction power. This vacuum cleaner is quite user-friendly, readily portable thanks to its lightweight, features a swivel head that offers flexible movement around furnishing, and an on and off motor powered brush roll that provides easy transition between the different floor surfaces. The sleekly designed and sturdily constructed Hoover WindTunnel Air suitably consists of additional attachments, inclusive of a dusting brush as well as a crevice tool, which come in handy for different vacuuming needs, such as, the cleaning of hard to reach areas of your home. All these features combine quite well to assure consumers of an excellent functionality, performance, and value for money.Read our review

Bisell Cleanview 1Bissell Cleanview
This vacuum is ideal for households that are from small to medium sized, and although the low price tag might move you towards thinking it is not of high quality, this machine apparently kicks above its level. For a mere $80, you would be purchasing a sturdy and durable vacuum cleaner that features, a head that rotates at 90 degrees, a powerful brush roll, and a 25 ft. long cord, all of which enable easy access under furniture, a wider cleaning radius, especially in large rooms, and clearing of dirt in just a single swoop. It also has an advanced cyclonic technology and an active dual filtered system of filtration that consists of pre and post motor filters, which successfully retains dust and allergens, restricting it from re-entering your home. This vacuum cleaner is not only formulated for cleaning carpeted floors, but also for any other surfaces, such as upholstery and staircases, possible as a result of the inclusion of a hose and a powerful turbo brush specially designed for picking deeply embedded dirt and pet hair. At this minimal price, nothing comes close to the capable functionalities and performance of the Bissell Cleanview Upright vacuum cleaner.Read our review

Hoover Platinum 1Hoover Platinum
This bagged upright vacuum cleaner features advanced cyclonic filtration, a self-closing HEPA bag, a three-channeled direct air technology that creates suction, plus an on and off brush. All of which combine to enable the picking of debris without scattering as well as the lifting of deeply embedded dust, allergens and pet hair from carpeted surfaces. An automated height adjustment and a swivel neck allow for an effortless transition between different floor types and flexibility around obstacles, plus edge cleaning bristles and LED headlights, which ensures that not a speck of dirt can be missed by this machine. It additionally includes a portable canister, a hose, a long telescopic wand, and various other attachments. All of these features firmly place this conveniently and efficiently light weighted Hoover Platinum as arguably the best vacuum cleaner for carpeted surfaces, regarding performance, functionality and safety.Read our review

Carpet Vacuum buyers guide

If a proper maintenance and cleaning of carpets is not ensured, the appearance could quickly turn dull, and your carpet might start emitting a foul smell, but vacuuming your carpet at least once a week prevents this from happening. Cleaning your carpet can, however, prove to be a daunting task, especially in the absence of a reliable and suitable vacuum cleaner that offers optimum performance, functionality, ease of use, portability, and maneuverability. When intending to purchase a vacuum cleaner, a number of factors must be taken into consideration, these include;

Upright vs. Canister

Both the upright and canister vacuums perform equally well, especially on carpets. Cleaning with canister vacuums is easier since it simply requires movement of the wand and hose, as opposed to the whole cleaner as is the case with upright vacuums, but on the other hand, upright vacuums require limited storage space while canister vacuums pose a problematic storage requirement. The choice between these two types of vacuums ultimately depends on personal preference.

Bagged vs. Bagless

Although you might incur additional expenses buying extra bags for bagged vacuums, they are more adept at cleaning and retaining dust particles, while bagless vacuums are trickier to empty, hence unsuitable for victims of allergies and will often require a replacement of filters. Overall, bagged vacuum offer higher functionality and safety.

Corded vs. Cordless

Unlimited power input and high power output make corded vacuums more convenient for cleaning carpeted surfaces, especially since thorough vacuuming of carpets takes quite some time, plus, the storage of models with retractable cords is relatively simpler. You must check the length of the cord and ensure it offers a radius suitable for your vacuuming needs. Cordless vacuums, on the other hand, offer easy access to otherwise hard to reach areas for the corded cleaners, such as carpeted stairways, in addition to allowing for the convenient minor vacuuming, which we often need.

Brush roll

Ensure you purchase a vacuum that features a motor powered brush roll, which affords you the capability to clean deeply embedded dirt and pet hair from your carpet threading. It is also important to opt for a vacuum that has an on and off brush roll switch and edge bristles, which helps to prevent scattering of debris, convenient when shifting between floor surface types and assists when cleaning floor edges and wall-to-wall carpeting.

Carpet-height adjustment

Depending on the type of floor surface you are cleaning, it is at times vital to be able to adjust the brush roll’s height, especially when cleaning high-pile carpeting, and although most vacuums comprise of the more convenient automated adjustment system, some still need manual adjustment.


A vacuum cleaner that features a HEPA filtering system effectively retains dust particles, preventing any blow-backs into your indoor air, and for optimum retention of dust particles, you will need to ensure this HEPA filter is completely sealed.


Some of the additional attachments are quite necessary, such as the crevice tool, which assists in cleaning cracks at the edges of your carpet and the floor corners of your rooms.

To ensure you end up with a suitable and reliable cleaner, one that offers ultimate performance, durability, ease of use, functionality and convenience, it is important to skim through user reviews, getting a better insight from the consumers’ point of view, and trying it out before purchase.