Black and Decker DustbusterIf you need a vacuum cleaner to suck up a tough new mess, the 15.6V Dustbuster is the vacuum cleaner for you. Available at an affordable price, it doesn’t take long before the dirty is quite literally out of your hands with this small and easy-to-use handheld. Black & Decker have been perfecting their handheld technology since 1979, and their standard continues to hold up. While not perfect, this product is definitely worth the price.


50% More Reach

With Black & Decker constantly improving their technology, it’s not a surprise that this cleaner has 50% more reach. This unburdens the process of cleaning, making for less bending over and, as such, less aches and pains on your part. It also goes hand in hand with other new features of the Dustbuster, like the wide mouth design designed to catch as much dirt as possible, and makes for an effective and versatile product.

Removable Dirt Bowl

Everyone who’s owned a full size vacuum cleaner knows the headache that changing a bag brings. Thankfully, this product doesn’t have one; the bagless dirt bowl is easy to empty and even easier to clean. No one who uses it will end up covered in as much debris as the area they were cleaning had, days that no one is nostalgic for.

Good Things Come in Threes

The Dustbuster has 3 stage filtration, making for less clogging. This also clears the air, as the system keeps the exhaust clean. And not only is the filtration 3 stages, but you can store the cleaner three different ways: horizontally, vertically, or mounted on a wall.


Despite all the strong features the Dustbuster has, it’s still an incredibly affordable product that anyone can use to keep their home clean. It fits right into a kitchen or a closet without a dent in your wallet, and if you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner without wanting to pay an arm and a leg for one, this is cleaner for you.

Battery Defect

There is a two-year limited warranty that protects against defects in material and/or workmanship, which brings us to some of the less praiseworthy aspects of the product. This model has had frequent complaints of the battery dying on it early and losing the ability to charge, leaving consumers of the product in two camps; those who have used it with no problems, and those who loved it until it began to die on them.

As troublesome as this is, the people who’ve had this problem have reported that Black & Decker have been prompt in replacing the product at no cost. Still, this flaw is enough to deter some people from the product, and rightfully so. However, many will still see the product as worth the trouble, especially when there is no risk of losing money when Black & Decker is ready to compensate the people who use their products.

In Conclusion

This product is worthy of purchasing as long as the consumer goes into it knowing what they’re buying. The handheld vacuum cleaner is very adept at reaching difficult places and has a streamlined process that makes it easier to use on every level, from the vacuuming itself to the storage to the cleaning and emptying of debris. While it has a battery defect for many users, this does not make it devoid of value, and even more users report enjoying the product enough to leave it five star reviews; and this includes people who’ve had their product replaced by Black % Decker.