Bissell PowerglideIf you seriously would like to purchase a vacuuming machine that happens to be user-friendly and convenient for use on the cleaning of stairways, then the Bissell PowerGlide 2763 featuring lift-off technology will suit your needs. It additionally offers an adequate amount of suction power for easy picking of pet hair, allergens and dirt particles off all surfaces and a detachable lift-off canister which you could carry with you to wherever you wish to clean, ideal for cleaning staircases. The most exciting part is that it is an all-rounder, specifically designed to deal with just about all of your vacuum cleaning requirements, be it cleaning bare floors, carpeted areas, upholstery, walls, or stairways. It also is apt for the vacuuming of vehicles, just as long as you can find an electric outlet near the automobile. The featured one-pass technology is perfect for regular vacuum cleaning and promises a convenient and manageable cleaning, which vacuums up a majority of dirt particles from surfaces with the very first pass. Listed below are a few attributes that make this vacuum cleaner an excellent device for overall cleaning.

Portable lift-off canister

The Bissel PowerGlide includes a simple release lift-off vacuum that allows you to carry it along with you to wherever you would like to clean, whereas its floor head is of an excellent design for cleaning entire rooms. The easily to transport vacuum is most convenient for staircases, upholstery, and hard-to-reach areas, through simply pressing a switch to launch the portable vacuum and carrying it by its handle while making use of your other hand to clean with the hose. The pod is practical and light in weight, providing the comfort and ease you will need to clean staircases.

Turbo Eraser pet tool

You might have already discovered that your upholstery, walls, and stairs are all filled with your pet’s fur, which is mainly because most of our pets are usually all over the house. You might have allergens, dust and dirt particles embedded in surfaces, and this is where the turbo eraser pet tool comes in handy, it features bristles shaped like a paddle and capable of the removal of pet hair from carpeted surfaces.

A power cord 27ft in length

The 27 ft. extensive power cord makes this vacuum cleaner just the thing for the vacuuming of the stairways, allowing for portability of this machine up the flight of stairs without the necessity of unplugging it from the power source.


The Bissel PowerGlide vacuum cleaner regrettably lacks some key features you might need for an efficient and effective cleaning of stairways. Its turbo eraser pet tool is not as useful as it should, mainly because it is air-powered rather than being powered by a direct drive motor, meaning you cannot apply a lot of pressure on it because that would cause the bristles to stop working. It is additionally less efficient in the safe cleaning of bare surfaces without scattering debris around since it lacks an on and off option for the turbo tool brush and neither does it offer an alternative instrument for cleaning bare floors.

Final verdict

With the inclusion of features that are primarily designed to enable fast and fruitful cleaning of stairways, such as the portable canister that allows you to avoid the otherwise tiring and strenuous job of having to lug vacuum cleaners up and down staircases or use of the hose which is limiting. The ultimate benefits offered by the BISSELL 2763 PowerGlide is the provision of an excellent vacuum cleaner for cleaning entire rooms in addition to the portable vacuum for the minimal cleaning tasks. It is a 2-in-1 device available for the price of one. After all is said and done, this is a reliable vacuum cleaner, especially for the minimal and regular vacuuming tasks around your home.